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A Flightgear Airforce


We have had too low activity, so this group is cancelled.

To join an active airforce, go to: Operation Red Flag (KSUU Crew)

We are a virtual airforce: GAVA, Global Amity Virtual Airforce.

The principal reason for it was the desire to increase our skills as virtual pilots, especially our spatial awareness, and to have a great fun in doing so.

GAVA is global and globally open, meaning we won't represent any specific country nor alliance.

We will not limit the use of planes to a certain typology, historic period or hangar.

Any member can set up events and host them, and also work as instructor if he/she so chooses.

Our ideas for events are so far:

  • Learning aerobatics
  • Learning Air Combat Maneuvers
  • Practice interceptions
  • Stimulate gathering and interchange of ideas
  • Training formation flying

As for the subjects we want to learn, such as maneuvers of different kinds, the idea is that we might teach each other, study what we don't know and then try and put into practice. As mentioned above, we think we'll have a lot of fun doing so.
(As for Air Combat Maneuvers, the book "Fighter Combat" by Shaw is a good place to start. The web is also full of generally less extensive but very interesting sources to start with.)
We are not experts in these fields, we just have to start somewhere.

Best Regards
JazzTp and Icetail
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