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Event - Basic fighter maneuvers 01 for 3rd/4th gen. fighters.

I suggest this to start with:

Pursuit at about 450 kt, attacker at 6 o clock 2 miles behind.
Defender turns left or right and pulls 8-9G.

Attacker practice to get inside defenders turning circle, doing lag pursuit.

If attacker turns too soon, the aircrafts will be head to head. Too late and the defender will likely get a firing solution first.

You can read up on the theory or I (or someone else) can talk you through it (on Mumble).
We can join up in teams of 2, a defender and an attacker.
If the planes support it, can start practice with aerobatics smoke, to give the attacker an idea where he/she is in relation to the defenders circle.

Basic principles for this training:
Lag pursuit
Cold side lag
Hot side lag
Pure pursuit
Lead pursuit
Corner speed
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